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Parent and Son  Soccer

Spring 2020
May 30 ’20
May 30 ’20
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Return to Austin FootGolf Classico May 30 - YOUTH BOYS


Austin Footgolf Classico May 30

(This day out will only proceed as long as it conforms with the current Travis County, State of Texas, and City of Austin outdoor activity rules as exist at that time)

So - in this new era, we all want to play Soccer, but  we also want to be good citizens and be socially distant - and also be safe.

 There's one great solution - FootGolf - where you can always keep 6-8 feet away from others!

Soccer Resort is proud to announce it's newest experience - the FootGolf Classico on May 30 at the Harvey Pennick Golf Campus., FootGolf! The sport that's quickly spreading in popularity across countries worldwide!  Break it down, it's exactly what it sounds like. The precision of Golf mixed with the fun and excitement of Football(soccer). 

We have youth divisions, and parent+child divisions

How do you play? Simple. FootGolf is played on a golf course and each player takes turns kicking their ball towards the pin and attempts to score in the 21 inch diameter hole in the fewest attempts they can.

This experience will only proceed as long as it conforms with the current Travis County, State of Texas, and City of Austin activity rules as exist at that time. It currently matches the rules that require no more than four people play a sport at one time.

Take a look at this video from the American FootGolf League explaining the rules of FootGolf.

Join us at the beautiful Harvey Penick Golf Campus in Austin, for what's sure to be the most uniquely fun experience you're sure to never forget! 
It only takes about 2 hours to play a full round of 18 holes of FootGolf

The first ever Soccer Resort Austin FootGolf day out  will take place on Saturday May 30  with adults kicking-off at 3pm preceeded by the family rounds in the early afternoon.

Socially distant protocols

* Timed Tee offs
* No Crowd Gatherings
* Keep 6-8 feet away (easily done)
* Walk the course (or rent your own cart)
* Bring your own balls
* Digital scoring via App
* Keep your distance from your group
* Enjoy competitive sporting  experience - with safety

We are very excited and hope you are too to experience this new type of experience! The day out will be taking place on the beautiful grounds of Harvey Penick Golf Campus

More Details
* Open to all ages 8 years old and up with parental chaperones.
* We will have all age groups - but some may be combined
* Games play at 1pm. Parent-Child division also available
* Groups will consist of the standard foursome
* Not with a foursome? You can sign up as an individual and be put with a group
* A full round of 18 holes will be played. Each round will take anywhere between 2 and 2.5 hours to complete
* Player with the lowest score after 18 holes will receive a trophy
* Bring your own balls, dress up in your own attire.

Early Bird Registration fee is $29 per person - $116 per foursome. For established foursomes, when registering on our website, have a team leader select the team/team captain option. If not part of a foursome you can register using the free agent option and be put with others to make a group of four. 

No Cleats are to be allowed on the course (sneakers or turf shoes are permitted) - Players should be dressed in soccer or golf attire or any combination of the two, get creative there just might be a reward.
If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Phone: 718.433.2452

We will have trophies and medals for those who win, and those who show great accomplishment.  We will offer a prize of a complimentary entry to our next Austin soccer tournament! (assuming we get over 50 players a bracket). Come play and you could win a free tournament in Austin when soccer life resumes

Please note: Thisday will only proceed as long as it conforms with the current Travis County, State of Texas, and City of Austin activity rules as exist at that time. If the event has to be postponed due to weather, the current pandemic situation, covid-19 considerations - or other matters relating to public health, all monies will go towards a future rescheduled event.  

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