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2003 BOYS  Soccer

May 30 ’20
May 30 ’20
Team Fees
Regular $425.00 per team + 4.0% Processing Fee

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Facebook and on our website, and see the great time had by all!

Join us at the family friendly and beautiful beaches of the Galveston our 5th annual 5v5 Beach Blitz Galveston tournament. We are positive that you'll enjoy a day on the pristine sand.

The youth tournament will take place on Saturday July 28, 2018, starting at 8am.

The tournament only option is $399 a team. Teams traveling outside of the area are eligible for cheap hotel and tournament packages (more info below), but feel free to do the tournament only option and book your own hotel as well.

Following our success with last year's Beach Soccer tournament in Galveston, we are back again in 2018 with even more youth divisions! 

Check out last year's tournament photos on

Soccer Tournament Details

We expect a large turn out in Galveston  this summer following the past success of this tournament, with teams from across Texas joining us. The tournament will be taking place on the very clean, very friendly and very family oriented Galveston Beach. 

On the soccer side you get:

* U-7 through U-18 divisions
* 3 divisions each age, Recreational, Intermediate and Competitive
* 5v5 soccer against classy opposition (4 + 1 goalie, maximum 10 players)
* We give you four games guaranteed (plus a possible fifth for the final)
* Game is played on a field 30 yards wide by 40 yards long
* 30 minutes per game (2 halves of 15 minutes each)
* Soccer travel prizes galore
* Trophies for the winners and medals for the runners-up


Registration fee is a reasonable $429 for U7-U18 teams. Divisions are set by age using the parameters set by the Spring 2018, there will be a Competitive, Intermediate and Recreational divisions in each each category:
  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008
  • 2007
  • 2006
  • 2005
  • 2004
  • 2003
  • 2002
  • 2001
  • 2000 

No Shoes are to be allowed - Players must play in their feet - sandsocks, tape and ankle braces are aloowed but there can be no rough parts or reinforcements in the brace. Sports knee braces that contain metal support are permitted.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: 
Phone: 718.433.2452

You can now pre-order Sand Socks and Beach Blitz T-Shirts!
Fill out the forms below and submit them to
*For Sand Socks teams can submit one form for the whole team. For shirts, fill out one form per child.

Beach Blitz T-Shirt Design Sample

Beach Blitz T-Shirt Order Form

Sand Sock Order Form

Please submit all orders by June 10 to ensure arrival in time for event. All items will be available for pickup at the sales tent on the day of the tournament.

Tournament Prizes

Soccer Resort division winners will receive trophies and medals and runners-up will receive medals.

Tournament Types include

Boys Born in 2000 Competitive
Boys Born in 2000 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2000 Recreational
Boys Born in 2001 Competitive
Boys Born in 2001 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2001 Recreational
Boys Born in 2002 Competitive
Boys Born in 2002 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2002 Recreational
Boys Born in 2003 Competitive
Boys Born in 2003 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2003 Recreational
Boys Born in 2004 Competitive
Boys Born in 2004 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2004 Recreational
Boys Born in 2005 Competitive
Boys Born in 2005 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2005 Recreational
Boys Born in 2006 Competitive
Boys Born in 2006 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2006 Recreational
Boys Born in 2007 Competitive
Boys Born in 2007 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2007 Recreational
Boys Born in 2008 Competitive
Boys Born in 2008 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2008 Recreational
Boys Born in 2009 Competitive
Boys Born in 2009 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2009 Recreational
Boys Born in 2010 Competitive
Boys Born in 2010 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2010 Recreational
Boys Born in 2011 Competitive
Boys Born in 2011 Intermediate
Boys Born in 2011 Recreational
Girls Born in 2000 Competitive
Girls Born in 2000 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2000 Recreational
Girls Born in 2001 Competitive
Girls Born in 2001 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2001 Recreational
Girls Born in 2002 Competitive
Girls Born in 2002 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2002 Recreational
Girls Born in 2003 Competitive
Girls Born in 2003 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2003 Recreational
Girls Born in 2004 Competitive
Girls Born in 2004 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2004 Recreational
Girls Born in 2005 Competitive
Girls Born in 2005 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2005 Recreational
Girls Born in 2006 Competitive
Girls Born in 2006 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2006 Recreational
Girls Born in 2007 Competitive
Girls Born in 2007 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2007 Recreational
Girls Born in 2008 Competitive
Girls Born in 2008 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2008 Recreational
Girls Born in 2009 Competitive
Girls Born in 2009 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2009 Recreational
Girls Born in 2010 Competitive
Girls Born in 2010 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2010 Recreational
Girls Born in 2011 Competitive
Girls Born in 2011 Intermediate
Girls Born in 2011 Recreational

Things to do

Galveston has a ton of exciting things to take part in, but remember we'll also be on a beautiful beach for the tournament day. Bring the whole family and enjoy a soccer tournament and day at the beach all in one.

Tournament Hotel for Weekend

Hotel and Tournament Packages

All Beach Blitz Galveston travel hotel packages include:

  • 3 days and 2 nights at a four star hotel centrally located
  • All tournament registration fees and referee fees
  • Soccer tournament on pristine sand pitches
  • Soccer Resort tournament jerseys (souvenirs)
  • Post tournament fun
  • All taxes included (usually $50 or more). So no surprises!

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